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OpenDoor Booking

Sell RoomsIdeal for Vacation Rentals, B&Bs, and more.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive
Responsive design to support mobile devices.

Real Time Booking
OpenDoor Booking give you real time booking information. Booking statistics are available from the administrator panel. All major payment processing solutions already embedded.

Multi Hotel Management
OpenDoor Booking is great for managing multiple hotels. If you create one hotel it will work as a single hotel site, if you add more it automatically converts itself to a multi-hotel.

Website Integration
Embedded widgets allow you to easily integrate the booking engine with your own existing website.

Club Membership & Customer Accounts
Secure customer log-in for updating account, shipping and/or payment details, viewing order status and/or history, etc.
Receive an e-mail notification when a customer updates his/her account details.

Reservation Management
Allows for easy reservation management to help you keep track of the availability of each room in your hotel.

Custom Tax Management
Create and manage custom tax rates for orders that meet certain criteria.

Real-time Washington State Destination-Based Tax Calculations
Automatically grab the current state and local tax rates for the destination of an order, so you don't have to setup manual tax rates for Washington state.

Intuitive shopping cart and checkout steps for new and return customers.
Guest checkout is an option.

Variety of Payment Gateways
Utilize one of the many third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, etc.
...and/or Manually Process credit/debit card payments.

Content Management System (CMS)
Our e-commerce solution is built on the Joomla! platform, so you can have your whole website in one easy to use system to maintain on your own, and also keeps a consistent look throughout your site, so your customers do not get confused.

Mailing List & E-Newsletter Blasting
Send your customers e-mails of special promotions.
View statistics for opened e-mails.

Reports and Compliances (optional)
State and Federal Tax Reports
Sales Reports
Invoice Reports
Mailing Label Generation

SEF/SEO Support
Know your site is Search Engine Friendly, and optimized for various well-known search engines.

Multi-Lingual Support
Support multiple different languages with the same shopping experience.

Multi-Currency Support
Support for numerous currencies, conversions, and fixed product rates per currency.

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